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Raissa Figueroa



Kelly DiPucchio


Raissa Figueroa


Katherine Tegen Books




Oona is on a mission! A baby beluga whale has lost her way from her family and needs help getting back to her icy arctic home!

But Oona and her best friend Otto have never traveled from their warm ocean waters before. Will old ship maps and a compass be enough to lead them through the dangerous storms ahead?

Oona may be a little mermaid, but she is determined to see this big adventure through! With a bit of bravery and help from some new friends, they'll do all they can to reunite this baby whale with her pod once more.

As School Library Journal said of the first book in this series, Oona: “This title celebrates independence, self-confidence, and bravery to try the new even after defeat as Oona becomes aware of the true treasure in her personal effort.”


The little Black mermaid is back and surprised to discover a little beluga whale swimming in her warm waters. She and her friend Otto the otter embark on a long journey north to return the baby beluga to her family. As the waters become colder, the ocean grows dark, and Oona and her friends lose their way. When hope fades, they meet Siku, a mermaid whose name means ice and who calls the frosty waters home. Recommend to mermaid lovers everywhere. A warmhearted story of friendship, bravery, and helping others.
— School Library Journal

"A fascinating and visually satisfying epic journey of home and friendship."
— Kirkus Reviews

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