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Kelly diPucchio
Kelly diPucchio

Author: Kelly DiPucchio

Ilustrator: Heather Ross

Publisher: Atheneum/Simon & Schuster

ISBN: 9781442443907

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Chloe has a crafty solution to every problem. But when she needs the perfect birthday present for her best friend Emma, she starts to feel a little insecure. 

How can a handmade gift ever make the cut? Even if it is very purple! 

This  is  Chloe...

"Crafty Chloe is the creative cousin of Clementine. Ginger haired, with an adorable taste in free-to-be-me outfits and a heart of gold, this young heroine finds original and kind-hearted solutions to big problems…. DiPucchio is to be commended for providing a simple and strong story with a loving solution that will surprise readers. Strong pacing and fanciful illustrations full of happy yellow highlights capture a delightfully determined and winning child. Ross gives Chloe a sweet individuality that makes her memorable and likable. A corresponding website provides crafting ideas and instructions. Required reading for any child going to a birthday party."

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