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Kelly diPucchio

Author: Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrator: AG Ford

Doubleday books for Young Readers

ISBN: 9780399555268

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In this unforgettable, squeal-filled, tear-inducing love song to babies and how quickly they grow up, author Kelly DiPucchio’s heart-tugging rhyme meets the gorgeous, dimple-cheeked, multicultural babies of illustrator AG Ford. With adorable scenes from the busy life of a baby—peekaboo, feedings, tantrums, giggles—and a final scene that reminds us how they become big kids all too soon, this is the ideal gift for baby showers, newborn gifts, first birthdays, christenings, and anytime babies are celebrated.

"a warmhearted celebration of early childhood"

—Publisher's Weekly *STARRED REVIEW*

"Expectant families, especially those with soon-to-be older siblings, may enjoy using this sunny preview of life with the new baby to build and revel in the anticipation and excitement." 

—Horn Book

"There’s plenty of room on the shelf for this celebration of the similarities and connections among all our adorable littles." 

—Kirkus Reviews

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